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Jumaat, Jun 05, 2009

Sebuah perkongsian...

A lot of things are floating in my mind at this moment, words and feelings I feel I should share.

I debated for a while if I should make this entry private, for sisters only.

After weighting the yeas and the nays,I decided that it was also important for men to be well informed, because all have mothers, sisters, wives or daughters.

It is so important for every women to be aware of changes in her body and not be afraid to seek medical attention.

Men in their lives should encourage and support them in getting the medical follow up needed .

I have been struggling with an health issue for the last 10 days.

Something that is sometimes referred to as a “women problem”.

This week, I shared this problem with close friends.

I found a lump in my left breast.

I went to see my doctor, and after examination it was decided that I needed further diagnostic testing,ultrasound and a biopsy.

Early this morning, I stepped off the plane back from the city.

Thunder Bay's Mount Sugarloaf

I had minor surgery yesterday.

Al hamdulillah it went well.

I had a tumor in my left breast, it’s the kind of tumor called "fibroadenoma" , it is not usually cancerous. Al hamdulillah

In my case, the initial pathology report showed some atypical cells within the tumor, in that case and because of my age, the best option was to excise (remove the tumor).

This was done under local anesthesia yesterday.

The surgeon is very confident that there was no cancer.

The final pathology report should be in about 10 days.

Now, what is so amazing about all this, is that, since my marriage, for different reasons my dream of having a child wasn’t coming reality.

Several times, I did ask, why me Allah,why me?

Then when I found the lump (tumor), again I questioned Allah, why me?

Allah works in such mysterious ways, He tests us, what we need to remember is that He has our destiny traced for us.

After the initial shock last week,I made dua and with the support of friends and family, I finally decided to give this burden to Allah.

I just decided that He knew what was best for me,so the reason why I was going through this I shouldn’t question.

I have since found out that fibroadenomas, with the atypical cell changes, have a higher incidence of developing cancer when there a high increase of the hormone "estrogen" in the system.

One of the factors for an estrogen level increase is pregnancy. Subhan Allah

So putting things together means that if I had gotten pregnant the increase of estrogen level in my body could have contributed in turning the atypical cells in that tumor into cancerous ones.

Isn’t Allah great??Allahu Akbar,

All the time I was feeling sorry for myself, and saying why me Allah?

Allah had traced my destiny....Astaghfirullah, I feel bad that I doubted...

I want to thank all my friends who said dua for me and gave me words of encouragement.

May Allah reward you for your kindness.

An important thing that we should always remember is that everyone is tested.

If we declare that we are Muslims, that does not mean that we will not be tested in this world. The Quran is very clear on this issue:

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?

One should not think or feel that he is the only unique person going through such times or that Allah is displeased with him. Every single person faces difficulties to the best of their capacity.

Surely Allah is not unjust and does not over burden a soul:

On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear [Quran 2:286]

This world is an abode for tests and one should not deny or avoid these but should face them and pass them successfully.

A person can be put into hardships for a number of reasons and we might not know those reasons when undergoing a certain loss but what we must do is always remember Allah, be patient, abstain from what is unlawful, give charity and ask Him to help ease out our hard times.

If we do fail to do this then we should turn to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Allah is Most Merciful and In sha Allah He will forgive us for the wrong that we do.

Later this week,In sha Allah, I will write more about the views that some muslims have regarding seeking medical attention in certain cases and the consequences. .


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